RDL envisions a society where children, at a young age, attain their basic needs to achieve equity and equality become productive and responsible citizens of their community.


RDL's mission is to empower underprivileged children of Ethiopia by providing them the necessities such as foods, clothing, shelter, and education. In addition we work to ensure the mental stability needed to take advantage of the various opportunities for a better future. RDL targets children who have been left on their own as a result of losing their parents or those whose parents are unable to provide for them.


The main objective of the organization is to create a prototype program that can be duplicated into other regions across the country. This prototype is comprised of a school, a dormitory and a clinic that will be named the Redefine Life Center.

Our immediate objectives are:

1 - To provide our current kids with three meals a day, education, tutoring and mentoring for success and a stable life;

2 - Develop and manage a highly active and vibrant community of volunteers, chapters and supporters furthering RDL's mission to bring about a change through the passion and leadership of everyday citizens.

Our Long Term objectives are:

1 - To secure a plot of land in Ethiopia to jump start our first Redefine Life Center.

• The Center will constitute:

• School

• Dormitory

• Clinic

2 - Create an Enterprise system that would facilitate the finance for the Redefine Life Center – Social Enterprise.