Letter from Liya Abebe

"The thought that there are so many poverty stricken children without a chance to eat for days at a time and without people to care for them is my motivation for joining RDL. Imagine what life must be like for that undernourished child wandering the streets looking for scraps left on the floor. That picture is forever ingrained in my head reminding me that I cannot take for granted the fact that I am blessed for living the life that I lead; to be born into the family that I have. It is my duty and my obligation to help out those who are in need to the best of my capacity.

I know that it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the extent of absolute poverty. Millions of children in the world don’t have the privilege to be provided with the most basic needs. But I believe that giving even one child the opportunity to have a shot in making it in this world is worth every bit.

Through RDL, we strive to find the resources to provide children with their basic needs, with the opportunity to go to school and with the necessary tools to build their self-confidence so that they can have equal opportunity in life and the chance to help others. We might not be able to change the lives of millions of children but nine is certainly a good start."