Letter from Andy

"I have always felt the need to contribute to my community in a significant way during my life time. It is my view that all people feel the need to belong to a community and contribute to that community in a way that makes a big difference in the life of others.

Joining the Redefine Life Foundation is a continuation of a sequence of events toward living the very dream of giving back to my country in particular the street children. I joined the foundation to Re-Define the life of these kids, which in turn Re-Defines my existence.

It is said that giving is sharing, in our own little way; we ought to share our blessings with our brothers and sisters especially the less fortunate. By sharing the stories of the kids whose lives are positively affected by our foundation, I am constantly reminded of the inadequate conditions that more than 10 million kids experience daily across Ethiopia , but I also think of the great potential within each of these kids."