Our intent at RDL is to provide shelter and education to children with exuberant amount of potential seeking opportunity to attend school and improve their lifes. The Redefine Life Foundation in collaboration with current and future partners envisions building a state of the art facility named the Redefine Life Center (herein known as the “Center”) which will include a K-12 school, clinic, and dormitory for the street children of the community or surrounding community in which RDL operates. The Center will be created to promote education in the community and help the children who find themselves in the streets.

These children will be provided with human and social care, education and development of special skills, ethics and community values.

This facilty will be self sustaining. It will conduct several revenue activities such as dairy product store (by raising farm animals inhouse), pharmacy and arts and crafts store made by the children. In addition, the facility will also include tuition paying students from the local community for minimal fee. This will allow all children to interact with one another, speed up their development process and reduce the psychological barrier.