RDL-AZM Joint Project

Part 1 - RDL Children

The RDL-AZM joint project is created to support 16 children including 5 existing beneficiaries of RDL girls project and 7 additional children. RDL is responsible for raising funds for the project while AZM is responsible for the implementation of the project in Ethiopia. The project commenced in September of 2017 and is expected to be renewed every six months. The following support is provided for the children.

Education (Uniform + School supplies)
Personal Hygiene
Admin costs
Monthly Expense (per child) = $25.00

Part 2 - Member's Support

You can affect the life of a child when you enroll as our supporting member for $25 a month. Your monthly support will cover education expenses including uniform and school supplies, lunch allowance and personal hygiene expenses for a child. RDL-AZM's goal with this program is to reach as many destitute children as possible so that they stay in school and ultimately take a positive role in the society.