Letter from Abdi Zeynu

"Children have great potential to become Great people. They just join this world and face whatever is given to them by their parents or the society. Their future is considerably affected by what they are exposed to, during their development time. The question is, what is the society providing? It is a daily event to see street children and orphans neglected, living in destitute … as if it is normal and acceptable. I believe we all have to take coordinated ACTION to change the situation! RDL is targeting this change by Redefining the way of life that these children are living, building a self-sustaining system; this is the reason why I become a member since the establishment. For me, this is one of the few things that make life worth living and with the committed efforts of fellow brothers and sisters, I strongly believe that we will reach the GOAL that RDL is targeting, which is, to provide the children with the opportunity to become people of hope and dreams, ambition and goals, and most of all to become achievers."